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5002 St Kilda Road

5002 St Kilda Road

Album 2022 Art Trams (2022 - 2023_

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13-Jun-2022: D2.5002 inbound departing Shrine of Remembrance stop on route 6 service.

Artist Statement  (Tegan Murdock (Barapa))

“I envisioned my weaving piece highlighted on one of the trams as a symbol of weaving culture through-out community, sharing my weaving with the world, showing that we are still here practicing our beautiful culture unapologetically.

“Each row of weaving resembling the different tracks the trams takes throughout Naarm. Each seed resembling people from all walks of life that are here to sit, listen and learn from us. Feathers representing our strong connection to country and the cleansing that our people have been doing for thousands of years keeping us strong in spirit. Weaving culture through community is what my family have been doing proudly since I was a little girl.”

{2,400 x 1,500 pxl}