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2022 Art Tram #2 3532

2022 Art Tram #2 3532

Album 2022 Art Trams (2022 - 2023_

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Patricia Mckean (Gundijtmara/Kirrae Wurrong)
Not sorry for, Who we are
Launch date : 26-May-2022
Tram number : D1.3532
Tram route : 5, 6, 16, 72 (Malvern Depot)

Artist Statement :

“In the centre of the piece is a reference to an amazing elder, an elder who is my grandfather Banjo Clarke. Grandpa is a big inspiration to me because of his leadership, he helped with land rights and many other connections back in the day. He was respectful and wise; he is also known as "the wisdom man". Him looking up to the stars centres the universe of now which I am a part of as a young person today.”