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2022 Art Tram #1 3023

2022 Art Tram #1 3023

Album 2022 Art Trams (2022 - 2023_

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Artist: Lin Onus (Yorta Yorta)
Reproduction of Tram No. 829 (1991)
Launch date : 24 May 2022
Tram number : C1.3023
Tram route : 48, 109  (Kew Depot)
About this tram:

This design is a recreation of Lin Onus’ 1991 Art Tram. Originally created by the artist Lin Onus and painted on the tram by Lin, assisted by his son Tiriki not far from the Aboriginal Advancement league. Lin described the design as symbolising the balance of opposites to achieve harmony: circles and diamonds, day and night, black and white cockatoos. The design is inspired by an amalgam of traditional Aboriginal thoughts and beliefs from all over Australia.