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2017 Haymarket

2017 Haymarket

Album 2022 Art Trams (2022 - 2023_

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21-Jun-2022: It's taken me almost 2 weeks to spot B2.2017 and a near-CBD run to pick up a new NAS hard drive saw me stationed at the Haymarket.  I forgot that in winter (especially on winter solstice day) the sun is low in the sky so the Peter Mac threw a heavy shadow over the tram lines.

Nevertheless I persisted - only one shot in 14 where the destination was lit, but B2.2017 fortuitously located under our flag.

{2,400 x 1,500 pxl; 2.16MB}

Darcy McConnell / Enoki (Yorta Yorta/Dja Dja Wurrung):   Darcy is a proud Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung, nonbinary artist. Darcy’s self-taught digital art practice explores ideas around bla(c)k bodies, queerness, gender, and cultural identity. They hope their work contributes to representation in the art world and gives people a lens through to see outside the confines of how they view stereotypes.  Darcy’s work draws inspiration from the art style of Keith Haring and cultural traditional designs. Using colours and bold lines to catch the eye as the tram goes by.

"My Aunty once told me"
Launch date : 07-Jun-2022
Tram number : B2.2017
Tram route : 58, 59 (Essendon Depot)


“To be ‘Unapologetically Blak’ is to have no shame in our identity as Aboriginal people. Us mob struggle with our identity and our place in the community due to colonisation so I wanted to create a piece that would spark a sense of pride within mob to feel seen and to have a reminder that travels across Melbourne so on those days they don’t feel ‘Blak’ enough they can find a sense of pride in my tram design.”