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3505 St Kilda Road

3505 St Kilda Road

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27-May-2022:  D1.3505 outbound on route 6 Glen Iris service advertising another payday lender, "Moneyme".

At the Shrine of Remembrance stop on St Kilda Road at the Coventry Street intersection.

I love this stop as the background looks quite rural even though it's only 2km from the CBD, lighting is perfect in the early afternoon (though shadows from flags on St Kilda Road as well as from the Australia 108 and Eureka wipe it out after about 2:45pm), there's still some autumn foliage, trams are moving relatively slowly and there's minimal road infrastructure to interfere with a clean photo.  Especially useful for profile photos of all-over-advertising (AOA) trams.  (You can search AOA as all such photos are thus tagged).

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