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236 Docklands Park

236 Docklands Park

Album 2022

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19-Jul-2022: A1.236 in Harbour Esplanade approaching Collins Street on a route 70 service, the skyscrapers providing a backdrop for the beautifully restored Queen's Warehouse, now housing the Fox Classic Car Collection.

Louise Moore (Wamba): Aunty Louise Moore is an elder of the Wamba People. Her father Robert Moore was a fluent Wamba speaker, and she says his voice resonates in her memory and guides her through Wamba traditions. Growing up, Aunty Louise was taught the importance of storytelling and expression through language and art, and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the '90s. 

"Living With The River"
Launch Date: 09-Jun-2022
TRam Number: A1.236
Tram route : 70, 75


“My artwork recalls the story of our home, our family and community. Through my work, I am aiming to protect the past and provide guidance to the future. We must preserve these images to keep the story telling alive and create a bridge between our life on the riverbank, collecting our food, digging for mussels, trapping fish, hunting for swan eggs and gathering fruits and herbal medicines. This art also preserves the memory of the old people who taught us to be Wamba. My identity is my country—my family and community is defined by my country, language and knowledge.”