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6052 6055 Exhibition Street Bridge

6052 6055 Exhibition Street Bridge

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21-Jun-2021: My intention today was to capture some E class on 70a service (pressed into this service due to a shortage of trams due to a shortage of replacement wheels that are supposed to come from South Africa), so I headed for Exhibition Street to look for some possibilities in bright sunshine.

I walked across the Exhibition Street bridge. If you ever needed any confirmation that Vicroads is totally car-centric and totally ignorant of public transport infrastructure, this bridge is it. The tram tracks are placed in the middle of the bridge. Trams turn from Flinders Street onto the bridge, having waited for a cycle of lights. Once they cross the bridge, they once more have to wait for another cycle of lights to be able to turn onto their own right-of-way beside the railway line and behind Rod Laver and John Cain arenas. The tram tracks should have been placed on the eastern side of the bridge beside the road lanes rather than in the middle so that there would be no holdup waiting for the almighty precious private cars to stop for the turning trams in Batman Avenue.

This lack of forethought means Melbourne is stuck with this ridiculous arrangement for the next 100 years.
</rant off>

E2.6052 and E2.6055 pass each other on the bridge.

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