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6019 2024 MCG-John Cain Arena

6019 2024 MCG-John Cain Arena

Album 2021

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21-Jun-2021: E1.6019 waits for B2.2024 to run into the stop.

What's a bit clumsy is that the inbound B2 is waved in ahead of the E, the E following the B into the stop. Once passengers have transferred, the trams move off but only as far as Rod Laver Arena stop where the E then has to wait while the B reverses. If the E had led the B into the stop, it could have proceeded without being delayed by the B's reversing. Both trams fit nicely onto the John Cain Arena platform stop. (As an aside, outbound, the E waits for the B at Rod Laver stop then both head to John Cain Arena stop, passengers transfer, B moves off, E then takes its time moving into the central track. So it could be done both ways.)

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