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2129 2004 La Trobe Street

2129 2004 La Trobe Street

Album 2021

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11-Jul-2021 B2.2129 west-bound on route 67a service, B2.2004 east-bound on route 1a service.  These two services are diverted due to St Kilda Road at NGV relay.

This photo ticks ticks the following boxes:

  • shows two trams passing one another (not at a terminus);
  • shows trams on their diverted routes in La Trobe at Swanston Streets during St Kilda Road relay;
  • shows the two routes that diverted via Kings Way, William Street and La Trobe Street - routes 1a and 67a in the one photo;
  • shows BOTH destinations lit with meaningful destinations (often a challenge as destinations flicker);
  • one tram is refurbished B2 (B2.2004), the other unrefurbished (B2.2129) with filled in steps to roof.