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209 Abbotsford & Queensberry Street

209 Abbotsford & Queensberry Street

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03-Jun-2021:  Z3.209 is inbound. Love that curved glass window in the engine house that would have once served as a control room /signal box, but is now a wonderful sitting room on two levels: perfect for gunzelling, shame about the lack of variety, though you will note that Z3.209 is still sporting its gumleaf livery:

As an aside I wonder if it'll get restickered before the arrival of the F class lead to the demise of the A and Z classes: given that the PTV and Vicroads and Department of Transport have been merged, how long it will take the said department to waste an obscene amount of money rebranding the new entity described as a " properly integrated transport department". The current "livery" is already over 10 years.

Just paint the things a solid colour of whatever (say green and gold).  It's timeless and NEVER goes out of date.  Why do we have to have style over substance? Incompetent public servants and politicians trying to "make an impact".