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E2.6087 & C2.5113 and E.6036 Clarendon Junction

E2.6087 & C2.5113 and E.6036 Clarendon Junction

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21-Aug-2020:  By the time I'd arrived at Clarendon Street Junction, the weather had changed and was quite gloomy. I took a couple of photos and then noted C2.5113 halted for some time at the driver changeover point..... with passengers, but no driver. He scurried back from Southbank depot a few minutes later (caught short perhaps?).

Nevertheless I had time to walk up under the freeway as a very new E2.6087 arrived behind C2.5113. (I checked my Tramtracker E2.6088 was on an 86 but E2.6089 was not "online" so I guess this is currently the second newest E2.) E.6036 outbound joined the party as an unknown A class headed towards Beacon Cove.