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E2.6059 City Road

E2.6059 City Road

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29-Nov-2020: It's pushing towards 6.40pm as E2.6059 purrs up the grade from Port Junction towards City Road, the Rialto in the background and the brutal over-engineered overhead supports dominating trackside infrastructure. I had scoped out this spot a couple of months ago during my 5km radius walk but it was too early in the year and the light just wasn't right. Brilliant sunshine, daylight saving and the sun swinging round to the south west made for a well-lit tram.

The "crystal swamp" livery is already starting to date a bit- it's SO 20th century. I guess with amalgamation of Vicroads and PT> we can look forward to the muppets in the transport department wasting more of our money with yet another rebranding (consultants having spent $650k back in 2010 to flog the gov an open source spider-web livery). How many rebrandings has Melbourne trams been through? (Frustrating when you look at cities like Munich, Vienna, Zurich that haven't wasted resources on changing paint schemes for over seventy years. Even better is Helsinki where they adopted a green and gold not dissimilar to M&MTB livery back in 1904 and haven't changed it since.)