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928 Beacon Cove

928 Beacon Cove

Album 2013

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10-Oct-2013:  Out and about last night about 10.00pm wearing my "dad's taxi" hat, I spied an interloper rolling into Beacon Cove:  SW6.928 with maintenance crew onboard.

There's actually a lot less light here than these photos suggest.
The lens on the camera was the 35mm f1.8 and these photos are exposed at ~1/20 sec, f2.2 at ISO 1600 - the point being that if I'd grabbed the camera with the zoom lens, I'd have had to be shooting at ISO 6400 (and have more grain/noise) to get the same exposure or, if at shooting ISO 1600, about 1/4 sec (less grain/noise, more camera movement, even with VR enabled or more blurriness due to tram movement).

(1,600 x 1,000 pxl; 582k)