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3005 1010 Montague

3005 1010 Montague

Album 2013

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22-Jul-2013:  at about 1830h, W7.1010 had halted at the crossover prior to reversing and running into Southbank Depot.  Unfortunately, the only running in was C1.3005 outbound on a 109 service which inexplicably ran into W7.1010.  The line was closed for several hours.  C1.3005 was back in service within a couple of days initially sporting a plain nose which was re-stickered with its correct livery soon after.  The fate of W7.1010 is not assured: I'm told that 1010 has suffered a buckled frame as well as cab damage and will be written off.

The irony is that the all-over-livery of C1.3005 is actually the Rhino-on-a-skateboard "safety" message:  the "drivers beware - stay out of my way" message isn't generally targeted at other trams.

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