A repository of information and photographs taken (mostly) by me recounting the upgrding of R711 and its return to mainline service by West Coast Railway and in particular due to the passion and drive of its CEO, the late Gary McDonald.

WCR's R711 was steamed at Ballarat East for the first time in 33 years on 22 Oct 98.  I'll present some of the radical design features of this breakthrough locomotive, its "delivery run", its first departure on 21 Nov 1998 and its subsequent withdrawal from service account corroded tyres.


R711 Safety Valves lifting
R711 Twin Stacks
R711 Firebox
R711 Firebox (closer view)
R711 Right Side Cab
R711 Cab Driver's Side
R711 Firebox Door
R711 Fireman's Side
R711 Air Compressors
R711 Smoke Deflectors Finishong Touches
D3 641 J536 Y112 Ballarat East Loco
R711 moves under its own steam
R711 T369 near Caledonian Bridge
R711 T369 Ballarat East
R711 Ballarat East Loco Depot
R711 Meredith
R711 Moorabool
R711 Lara
R711 North Melbourne

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