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QJ715, Jingtieshan, Gansu Province, China

QJ715, Jingtieshan, Gansu Province, China

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24-Mar-1986: The line to Jingtieshan is a branch off the main Lanzhou (Gansu province) line at Jiayuguan (some 2,200km from Beijing by train).  The branch line heads off into the mountains south of Jiayuguan and arrives at a coal mine after traversing many bridges and plunging into many tunnels. 

I believe our group was the first Western group to visit and ride this line.  Jingtieshan is nestled in a narrow valley bounded by high peaks on both sides: the climate appears to be high desert with minimal vegetation.  Our special train was hauled by QJ 715, a 2-10-2 steam locomotive, seen here turning in readiness to return our train to Jiayuguan.

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