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381M-208T-230D-317M Riversdale Tram Square

381M-208T-230D-317M Riversdale Tram Square

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01-Aug-2021: The Tait set passed through Riversdale and over the tram square about ten minutes late having stalled on the bank approaching Camberwell station. By the time the train arrived here the sun was shining directly at the camera and in shot so it was a challenge to photograph and presented quite a challenge in post-production to achieve an acceptable result. Who knows when the next time is that we will see a Tait on a tram square in Melbourne? 

(A pre-launch test run by Steamrail's magnificently restored Tait set was undertaken on this day - comprising Motors 317M and 381M, Trailer 208T and Driving Trailer 230D, the set ventured out from Newport and headed for the eastern suburbs.)

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