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Eleven Ships Cup Day 2005

Eleven Ships Cup Day 2005

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 1-Nov-2005:  Spectacular! I've never seen more ships at Station Pier - ELEVEN in all, 13 if you count the two tugs assisting. From left to right, inboard/outboard {where applicable}:

  • OESP:
    • Spirit of Tasmania I, Pacific Sun
  • OWSP:
    • MSA Wallaroo (Y299), Seahorse Horizon (formerly HMAS Protector)
    • HMAS Manoora (L52), HMAS Stuart (FFH153)
    • HMAS Diamantina (M86), HMAS Huon (M82)
    • HMAS Hawkesbury (M83), HMAS Yarra (M87) {four out of six of the Huon class Coastal Minehunters} and
    • HMNZS Endeavour.
  • I'd guess the tugs are Keera and Gabo.