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<![CDATA[2009 Collins at Spring Street (Melbourne Festival Art Trams 2015)]]> 2009 Collins at Spring Street

25-Sep-2015: B2.2009 is the first tram to be released to traffic as part of the 2015 Melbourne Festival.  Seen here on a route 11 service to West Preston crossing Spring Street at Collins/Macarthur Street.

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Artist: Amanda Morgan
Title: Architectures of Light
A visual artist who makes street art, public art and site-specific installations—Architectures of Light is a collage of Amanda’s projected works that reference the city grid and Le Coubusier’s ideal city situated on Fitzroy’s Atherton Gardens Estate.

Her tram is an extension of the artworks that she projected on the site with Projectionteknik and captured with James Morgan in the 2012 Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Amanda’s tram will bring the best of past and present Melbourne to life with her art works that have often represented the heritage of the sites and skinned city buildings.


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<![CDATA[981 Docklands (2015)]]> 981 Docklands

17-Sep-2015:  W6.981 in City Circle livery rolls around from Docklands Drive into Harbour Esplanade.

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