Every year, The Melbourne International Arts Festival supports and promotes the transformation of several trams into "Art Trams", first inspired by the work of  Mirka Mora, Howard Arkley and Reg Mombassa who originally transformed Melbourne's iconic W-class trams into rolling works of art in the c70s and 80s.

 This year there are eight trams which will be assigned to different tram depots around Melbourne so that all route will see these moving art works over the next eight months.

To view an image, click on the thumbnail.  Click on that image to view its full screen,  (then right-click|View Image to view it full size, usually 1600pixels wide).

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D1.3532 Melbourne 2019 Art Tram #1/8
A.273 Melbourne 2019 Art Tram #2/8
C1.3003 Melbourne Art Tram #3/8
C1.3003 Melbourne Art Tram #3/8
C2.5111 Melbourne 2019 Art Tram #4/8
B2.2006 Melbourne 2019 Art Tram #5/8

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