25-Sep-2015: A2.270 is the second tram to be released as part of the 2015 Melbourne Festival.  Seen here on a route 70 service to Waterfront City in Harbour Esplanade at Collins Street, Docklands

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Artist: Martine Corompt
Title: Look both ways
"Look both ways" reflects on how cities, especially a great city like Melbourne, are in a perpetual state of change and renewal. At any one time there is constant demolition, clearing, redevelopment and construction going on in our urban environment. The spectacular void of the construction site, appearing in place of something that once was, is always a mesmerizing sight, even if the change is not welcome. But these voids are fleeting in comparison to the long life of a city, history overlooks them and we eventually forget about them. Perhaps think of this tram you are riding as a moving catalyst for change, plowing through the city and suburbs leaving a trail of transformation in its wake.